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c2e Network(c2e : cure2earn)

Communication through the c2e net

By means of the c2e network

The User

  • Accumulate rewards through continuous use
  • Create community of same application

Network Platform

Managing continuous treatment of patients

C2E Network

  • Positive motivation for
    patients to continue treatment
  • Provides a remote
    treatment platform
  • Secure loyal customers
  • Launch a new treatment
    solution in C2E Network
  • Cooperative treatment with digital
  • Scalability: Third-party
    devices can come on board

Affordable cost

Once the goal has been achieved, a significant amount of compensation will be given.

  • Gain feedback on treatment results

Establishing a home care network (C2ENet)

With C2ENet, patients can form a community of care, obtain disease-specific information,
and become part of the customer base.

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devices for home



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