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REMED BrainStim

C2E Network- based treatment platform for Home Electroceuticals

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REMED BrainStim

Who We Are

Currently at a global level, there is no method of treating intractable brain diseases at home.
By making the hospital TMS compact, we want to provide means for home treatment at a cost that users
can afford, utilizing a powerful platform called the "c2e network".

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Why REMED BrainStim

Wearable TMS Innovation

Digital medicine offers cutting-edge technologies for intervention of intractable diseases which are difficult to treat.
NextQure has developed the world’s first wearable TMS device through innovation resulting in
MiμC (Magnetic induced micro Current) products that enable home treatment.

  • Compact & lighter
    Hospital TMS turned into a helmet, becoming more compact and easy to use.
    Innovating a system to allow home treatment.
  • Wearable beyond portable
    Securing both the outstanding treatment effectiveness of
    TMS and the wearable benefits of TDCS.
  • Popularization of electroceuticals
    Expanding the public base by overcoming the lack of accessibility of TMS, a
    representative electronic drug.

Network Platform

REMED BrainStim will build c2e Network connecting Home treatment unit
with mobile means as a way to manage patients’ continuous treatment.

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Forming a treatment community
Positive motivation for patients to seek treatment
Obtaining empirical data for each disease
Various feedback on treatment results can be secured.
Build a customer base
A new treatment solution can be launched on the C2E network.

Home rTMS

REMED BrainStim has secured protocols to treat dementia, autism, depression, and
addiction with its MiμC technology for which clinical efficacy and safety have been
confirmed for hospital use.


Common Treatment Platform

Customized treatment protocols and helmet for
each disease enabling application to various illnesses

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Home Digital Therapeutics


Helping users improve their concentration and memory.
The existing general-purpose TMS device has been enhanced for home use by applying a protocol that has been proven effective. generating equal performance as the general-purpose TMS device, this product particularly maximizes convenience with the helmet-like structure enabling easy use at home.

Home Digital Therapeutics


Through electromagnetic stimulation, the frontal and temporal lobes associated with memory formation can be activated to improve language memory and cognitive function, regulate the secretion of neurotransmitters in the brain, and improve blood flow.

Home Digital Therapeutics


It is a miniaturization of TMS for depression treatment, which has the most clinical results, and can be activated through repeated electromagnetic stimulation treatment in the brain with reduced frontal lobe function.

Hair Breath
Hair loss Management Device

Hair Breath

That are affected by the presence of hair,
treat with much higher output.

REMED BrainStim will overcome the intractable
brain disease using magnetic stimulation
devices with customized design.

Contact Us

REMED BrainStim will do its best to be recognized for its value.

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